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Meet The Team 

Our British and European staff are dedicated to the founding principle of
TAWAKKUL EDUCATION: Empowering Parents

We listen to your needs and advise sincerely. We are independent in our advice. We do not accept fees from schools or other educational providers. We are also open to discussing regular schooling ( from Nursery to University) if you wish to consider this  option. Our service is therefore impartial and focused upon supporting every family's needs.

Islamic Woman

Mrs Muna Ajadi

BSc. (Hons), PGCE/ QTS, M.Ed. (UK)

Homeschool Mothers' Mentor 


Abu Bilal

Homeschool Fathers' Mentor

 Unique Homeschooling Parent


Mr Hakeem 

Resident English Tutor

Umm Mohammed


Unique Bilingual Educator 

Senior Higher Primary

English Tutor

A Homeschool Graduate himself, Mr Hakeem is an experienced homeschool tutor, author with a passion for football

A Homeschooling parent, Umm Mohammed has over 20 years of international teaching experience

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