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Get Professional Homeschooling Advice

"The best gift a father can give his child is
education and upbringing."

Prophet Muhammed (PBUH)

 Fathers' Consultant: Abu Bilal

A Homeschooling Veteran

Abu Bilal has been providing face-to-face homeschooling consultations and hosting Fathers' events, for many years in the UK, UAE and the United States. He is now able to offer consultations online to suit your time zone. His specialty are the following areas: 

- What is homeschooling?

- Financial concerns around homeschooling

- Fathers' role in homeschooling

Professional Experience

Abu Bilal has been working in the Oil and Gas industry for over 25 years, primarily based in the UK, Texas and Dubai. As a Project Manager and Corporate Trainer, Abu Bilal's central role was to identify problems, analyse them and to provide solutions. He has personally trained several hundreds of people in over 20 countries through his face-to-face corporate training courses  across 6 continents.

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