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"The best gift a father can give his child is education and upbringing." Prophet Muhammed (PBUH)

 Fathers' Consultant: Abu Bilal

A Homeschooling Father

Abu Bilal has been a steady guide to his wife and children for nearly 30 years. He was the inspiration behind them becoming a homeschooling family nearly 25 years ago. From birth to university graduation/ marriage and beyond, he has been guiding his 5 sons and 3 daughters through life's challenges. His children are currently aged between 7 and 24 years old and he has 3 grandchildren under 4 years of age.

Abu Bilal has been providing face-to-face homeschooling consultations to fathers for many years in the UK, UAE, the United States and India. He is now able to offer consultations online to suit your time and time zone.

He has personally hosted a Father's Homeschool event at his farm, in the UAE, for up to 40 fathers, where the following areas were discussed:

- What is homeschooling?

- How do you start?

- Financial concerns around homeschooling

- Fathers' role in homeschooling

Professional Experience

Abu Bilal has been working in the Oil and Gas industry for over 25 years, primarily based in the UK, Houston, Texas and Dubai. As a Project Manager and Corporate Trainer, Abu Bilal's central role was to identify problems, analyse them and to provide solutions.

Abu Bilal has personally trained several hundreds of people in over 20 countries through his face-to-face corporate training courses in:

- the United Kingdom and Europe

- the United States/ Canada

- South America

- Middle East

- North/ Central/ South Africa

- China

- Central and South East Asia

- Australia

Self Sustainable Living

His passion for self sustainable living has also driven Abu Bilal to explore organic farming, permaculture and green energy for over 20 years. He is a self-taught farmer having gained knowledge and experience of farming in the UK, UAE, Nigeria and Turkey.

Abu Bilal is well known in the community for providing consistently high quality farming produce from his farm in the UAE and has run training courses on Aquaponics and Poultry Farming, as well as offering several groups workshops for hands-on family experiences at the farm.


Abu Bilal offers the following consultations:

- Homeschooling for fathers

- Parenting for fathers

- Living an organic lifestyle

- Couples' Consultations with his wife: CEO and Founder of Tawakkul Education

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