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Brother Kashif (UK)

"As a parent of a child who is 15 and has never homeschooled before, I would like to thank Tawakkul Education for their support and information that has been invaluable. They have spent the time telling me about all the options available and highlighting the advantages and disadvantages for all. It provided me with the confidence that we could homeschool and thanks to Tawakkul Education we realised the amount of information and options available."

Sister Khulood (Egypt)

I'd like to thank you so much for the amazing classes. Hamza enjoyed them too (sic) much which I didn't expect (because he refused the online classes at the beginning) but actually your engaging way with him in the class is fabulous. He is enjoying your class a lot from the beginning to the end. He also started to read a lot by himself without asking or pressure from my side. Jazaki Allahu khairan."

Sister Sara (Egypt)

" you all thanks and appreciation. You have a wonderful style in dealing with children. My daughter has a passion, and loves to learn English through you."

Sister Rasheeda (Nigeria)

"I was confused about making a decision crucial to my children's education regarding homeschooling. Alhamdolillah, I consulted with Tawakkul Education and, Maa sha Allah, they gave me candid and practical advice based on their own personal experiences. Now I have a clearer vision and better plan."

Sister Nazra  (Phillipines)

"I was feeling overwhelmed about homeschooling my children so I contacted Tawakkul Education. I was so impressed how the Consultants were able to educate all of their own children. They told me that "it's not a race", and "there is always good and bad days". The thing that really had an impact on me was that they showed me that even seasoned homeschoolers constantly evaluate what they are doing. Another one was that every year the Consultants used to think about putting their own children back in regular school, but then decided it was best to homeschool them again. Lastly when my husband told me how well mannered their eldest son is, it dawned on me that somehow I will be following the same path and in sha Allah, I can also silently pat my back someday that I did fine."

Umm Maryam (Pakistan)

"It's so heartwarming to be part of a community that is very helpful who are always open to give advice and share valuable resources. There are so many homeschool queries and its lovely to have the experienced Consultants around."

Homeschooling Father (Canada)

"...thank you for uplifting the spirit of my wife as she has been feeling down for sometime and after talking to you I saw a very different side of her."

Umm Alaa (Pakistan)

"...I met Sister Muna's daughter, who had been homeschooled by her mother from when she was very young. I was fascinated by her distinct approach to things, her brilliant way of thinking and her excellent writing skills. I wondered what were her parents doing "differently" with her, and found out that she was, which at the time was an alien concept to me, "homeschooled". I delved deeper into what homeschooling was all about through Sister Muna and found out that it was this beautiful way of following your child's interests and instilling a deep love for learning within them from the earliest of ages. We have this typical concept of kids hating school and study but Sister Muna illustrated to me how, when done right, learning can become the very thing that lights up our kids during the day!  Another very important thing that I learnt from her was that you don't have to be a qualified teacher to teach your child what he/she needs to learn. If I am now ever approached by a parent new to homeschooling - I direct them to Sister Muna because that's where I first found my answers. May Allah bless her! (Ameen.)"

Sister Minaaz (India)

"It was a pure mercy of Allah (Swt) that I met Sister Muna who helped me to actually embark upon my journey of homeschooling for my oldest child in 2017. Alhamdulilah she cleared the doubts I had regarding homeschooling when I had to pull my daughter from school, which was the biggest decision as a mother. She guided me to a pathway to start with. Out of her generosity she gave me so many resources to browse, which actually helped me to plan for my daugther. 
Today I am homeschooling my 3 girls and this was possible just because Sister Muna held my hand in times of utmost need. May Allah reward her immensely and put baraqah in her family and everything she does for the community." (Ameen)

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