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Students Academic Course in British English

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English Secondary Education Courses

For a perfectly levelled Grade 7-9 English education, look no further! The books that are used in these courses are UK certified and contain plenty of practice questions on all relevant topics in academic English. These books, coupled with detailed class presentations, are the perfect formula for success in secondary education.

These KS3 English Yearly Targeted Workbooks support children’s ability to improve and excel in essential reading and writing skills as well as develop a deeper understanding of grammar, punctuation and spelling. Each topic that is covered is rounded off with a review section including test-style questions to bring everything together.

These books are used by 90% of schools in the UK and are proven to be an effective and efficient way to cover a full year course in 6 months or less without compromising on any essential study information.

The classes include:

Preparing students with relevant tips and skills to help them succeed in higher education exams.
• Making sure students understand each topic and cater to their individual learning methods.
• Introducing creative writing, vocabulary and competent sentence structure as well as a variety of other topics.
• Friendly and interactive lessons to make sure students are learning effectively and with fun. 
• Professional set up of classes with a dedicated and understanding team of educators.

Our staff is a mix of certified professionals and highly experienced youth teachers having over 50 years of combined teaching experience. We look forward to putting parents’ worries at ease and letting our seasoned staff help educate and empower your children for future success.

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