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How We Can Help You To Homeschool

Benefits of Home Education Mentoring

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New to Homeschooling?

We will listen to your concerns and present solutions, based upon our professional experience in the educational field and personal experience of homeschooling.

We provide support to families just starting out in homeschooling through live online consultations in three* ways :

1) One-off consultation meetings;

2) Four mentoring meetings over a one month period;

3) Six Week Exclusive Homeschool Course for Parents ;

*Long Term Mentoring is also available. 

To know more about what will be covered in your meetings, please scroll down. If you wish to discuss another topic not mentioned below, please email us. A suggestion of the order of topics can be given in advance but is flexible according to your needs. Please note that it may take more than one coaching session to cover a topic, depending upon the detail you would like to go into.


Let's discuss your plans to homeschool and turn your dream into a reality together!


Playing with Wooden Alphabets

Parenting Styles, Learning Styles and Multiple Intelligences

These sessions will focus upon:


1) your parenting style which may may affect your homeschooling approach and which curriculum you may want to use;

2)  your child's learning style; and

3) an understanding of the theory of multiple intelligences


Understanding the basic psychology behind your child's learning, helps to create the solid foundation you need for your homeschool. It will eventually save you money as buying/ choosing the right curriculum for your family's needs, gives you the confidence that you are on the right track preventing you from impulse buying random material.

Residential Bookcase

Homeschool Curriculum, Styles and Organisation

Worried about what to teach your child? First you need to look at how you will teach.

1) Do you want to "do school at home"? Yes? Then you want to use an at home/textbook-oriented style.  

Possible curriculum: Calvert School.

2) Do you want to teach the way our ancestors did? Yes? Then you want to use a classical homeschooling (European and/or Islamic) style. Possible curriculum: The Well Trained Mind. 

The way you teach your curriculum will depend upon your child's learning style as well as your parenting /homeschool style so international homeschool styles are discussed before choosing your curriculum.

There are many different homeschool styles: at home/textbook-oriented, classical homeschooling (European and/or Islamic approaches), eclectic or relaxed homeschooling, online school, unit studies, Emilio Reggio (Italian), Montessori (Italian), Charlotte Mason (English) and/or unschooling. 


Once your styles have been evaluated/chosen during our live online coaching sessions, then we can choose your curriculum. There are many curricula out there on the market today. I will help you through the maze of information. We need to evaluate if the :

1) content;

2) approach to learning; and

3) the delivery of the curriculum

is suitable for your family's needs.

 From choosing or planning a curriculum in detail, organising your supplies and books or setting up your general workspace area, we can help you navigate the unknown. 

Old-Fashioned Clock

Time Management

Planning and managing your time is important to avoid burn out. Annual/ termly/ weekly planners and timetables can help if you are a structured family; routines help if you are more laid back. Let's discuss homeschool scheduling and flexibility which suits you. 

Image by Chris Lawton

Change Management

Moving your children's education from regular school towards a brand new path is like climbing a mountain. Should you really take the risk? Remember:


"If we don't change, we don't grow.  If we don't grow, we aren't really living."

(Gail Sheehy)

 Whether you are considering homeschooling as a temporary measure during/ post Covid or are thinking about becoming a long-term homeschooling family, we are here to help you plan and manage your changes, which will give you the confidence you need to homeschool! Our change management sessions may include:  leading the change, involving every member of the family, and preparing for the unexpected.

Helping Hands

Blessed With Many Children?

Are you concerned about how to homeschool several children of different ages? Do you think it's impossible to homeschool 3 children under 3 years old or teenagers alongside toddlers?  We have personal experience in homeschooling these scenarios and others. You are not alone in the struggle. We can support you through this and give you practical advice.

Kids with Capes


This is one of the biggest questions when it comes to homeschooling. Whether you have one child or many, your child's socialisation depends upon you and not others. Your mindset is important: your child needs positive, not forced, socialisation. Unfortunately most schools are a hub of artificial socialisation. It does not reflect real life.  Let's discuss practical ways your children can make friends when being educated at home.



Ideally Mums and Dads work together as Homeschool Parents. Communication and common values are key. This helps to create a more positive and peaceful household for the whole family. Parental teamwork provides allows you both to model teamwork for your children as they grow and which they will be able to reference later on in life. Let's discuss how you can work as a team to give your children the best education you can.


You have the choice of  working with our :

- Homeschool Mothers' Coach; or

-Homeschool Fathers' Coach; or

- Coaching with Both Mothers' and Fathers' Coaches (For Both Parents Only)

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