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foundation COURSE


Learn how to homeschool with confidence!

Tawakkul Educational Consultancy's Homeschool Parent Training Foundation Course shows you what you need to get started in homeschooling, in sha' Allah.

Nursery/ Kindergarden teachers get trained. Primary School teachers get trained. High School teachers get trained. What about Home School parents?
Parenting is the most important job in the world. When parenting is combined with homeschool teaching, Homeschool Parents are taking on an added responsibility. It is then only logical that you deserve training: guidance to show you the way, so you don't waste time, effort and money trying to figure out what to do, where to start and how.
Hundreds of thousands of homeschool parents across the world have taken this journey before you.  As parents, we have also been on this journey......

Our staff now have over 50 years of combined  homeschool experience which we can share with you for nearly twenty five years alhamdolillah.




  • Get to Know Yourself/ Your Spouse

              Learn who you are, what you are both capable of, what your limits are, what your teaching styles are. Are you on the same page?​

The  Course Covers:

  • Get to Know Your Why​

            Why do you want to homeschool?

     Your homeschool foundation  affects how your homeschool approach. 

  • Get to Know Your Child

​Observe your child, learn what their learning style may be. This will affect your choice of Homeschooling style.

  • Get to Know Your Resources

Your other children, family, friends and community resources, as well as your budget and your discipline approach are all key factors in your homeschooling journey​

  • Get to Know Different Homeschooling Styles

From Unschooling to Classical schooling, you will be introduced to the rich world of Homeschool approaches.

  • Let's Get Started !

You will leave this course with a plan of action, better equipped to begin your homeschooling journey,

in sha' Allah.

If you wish to know more about homeschooling, watch this webinar. 

It is an "Introduction to Homeschooling Webinar" 
I conducted on 10th April 2021. It was reported in Gulf News and on several websites including and

Equipment needed:

  • ideally quiet place to study away from children (if possible)

  • fully charged laptop/ i-pad with working fully working microphone and camera​

  • a notebook

  • 2 sharp HB pencils or pens

  • ideally small whiteboard, whiteboard marker and eraser

Course schedule: 

  • Every Saturday at 10am

  • 2 x 6 Hour Live Interactive


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