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Learn how to properly educate your Kids at home.

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 Our unique Educational Support 

Tawakkul Education, the first registered Homeschooling-dedicated Educational Consultancy in the region, provides unique educational support. Our personal knowledge and experience of expatriate home education, based upon the British Curriculum,  helps us to support, advise and train families from around the world. Our consultations and tuition are built upon decades of personal experience as UK (and expatriate) based home educators. Our staff are personally selected for their life-long dedication to education. We are grateful to be able to offer expert advice that puts your whole family's needs at the heart of the process.


Last year we worked with over 200 families from across the Middle East and around the world, supporting the next steps in their homeschooling journey. Our services include consultations for parents, homeschool mentoring and British English courses. We are personally experienced in the following areas:

- educationally transitioning between countries

- transitioning from school to homeschool

- raising multiple children 

- homeschooling on a budget

Learn How to Homeschool

Get one on one sessions with an experienced Homeschooler to learn the ins and outs of Homeschooling 

Learn British English

Join our British English Courses, taught by Native English speakers. 

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