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 class requirements

Requirements for every class:

  • quiet place to study away from siblings

  • fully charged laptop/ i-pad with fully working microphone, camera​ and strong internet access connection

  • Jolly Phonics/ Grammar books 

  • 4 lined notebook 

  • 2 sharp HB pencils, sharp colour pencils, 2 erasers

  • small whiteboard, whiteboard marker and eraser

Marking your child's work:

Parents are required to (and will be responsible for) sending their child's completed work to the class teacher to be corrected as soon as possible. Please note teachers are not responsible for chasing up on late submission. 

Class timings:

All students should be ready to enter the class 5 minutes beforehand.  If a child enters the class late, they may not be able to catch up during that lesson. They may even miss important spelling tests, so please ensure your child enters the class on time.


Absence from class:

Please inform us ahead of time if you know your child cannot attend the class. There may be a possibility to record the class for you. Please note that there is no refund available for classes your child does not attend. 


To gain the maximum benefit from the class, all students are expected to focus, listen well and follow all instructions. Children will be encouraged to say "Please" and "Thank you". It is important that the children only ask relevant questions to the lesson and any other comments may be reserved for the end of the class. If the children do well in the class, there may even be time for a game!!!!

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