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Adult private tuition

English as a second language (ESL)
conversational classes

(Ladies only)

Conversational English is available for those who need to practice their English for the following reasons:

  • for work

  • for school, college or university

  • to help their children

  • to gain more confidence in general

  • for everyday activities

  • other

There will be an initial assessment to determine your level but there will not be any exam at the beginning or the end of the classes.


We do not follow any specific course textbook.


Our bespoke interactive classes are relaxed, warm and friendly.


We focus on practicing your vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation.

You will be talking 100 % in English with a British born Muslim and Native English speaker, with a clear non-regional accent (Received Pronunciation). She has more than 17 years experience of working with ESL students in the Middle East.

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