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children's courses

Admission for private tuition is available throughout the year.

Admission for group tuition is available twice a year: in the Autumn and the Spring. 

How to get started

  1. Book an appointment for a free initial consultation here.

  2. After the consultation, you will then need to book a separate assessment appointment here for your child. (Please select Children's Services.)

  3. Choose a start date for joining the group/private tuition and the duration for which you would like the private tuition to last.

   4. Please read the following pages on our website:

  • Terms and Conditions: All bookings and  payments through this website (and otherwise) confirm your acceptance and adherence to the company policy. 

  • Fees for single-session tuition service are available here.

       (Please select the Children's Services.)

  • Fees for private and group tuition packages are available here.

       (Scroll down after you click the link.)

   5. Complete registration form here

You will be contacted by email as soon as possible, where further information will be provided regarding our procedures.


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