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We Empower Muslim Families
to Successfully Home-Educate Their Children 
at a Fraction of the Cost of Private School.


We empower Muslim families to
embrace the 21st Century Home Education Model
(already used by millions across the world)
at Minimal Cost

How are they doing it?

We show you how...

We are helping to build...

...a world of empowered, proactive, confident Muslim parents who can make informed choices as to

the best educational path for their children,

in line with the Quran and Sunnah, in sha Allah.

How are we doing it?

By training Muslim parents to use the...

Tawakkul Faith Based (TFB)

Home Education Model

based upon

  • Our 50 years of combined homeschool parent experience 

  • Our 30 years of classroom teaching and management experience

  • Our personal experience of homeschooling 8 children

  • Home-educating from birth to university, marriage and parenthood

  •  Our UK Graduate studies in Psychology

  •  Our UK Professional Primary School Teacher Training

  • Our UK Masters' Graduate training in Educational Leadership

  • Our homeschool experience in UK, Dubai and Turkey



You will attain clarity on how to get started with homeschooling,

be empowered to take control of rebuilding your child's emaan and

save thousands of pounds

of private schooling in the process.

Our approach will wash away your fears of ruining your child's life through homeschooling, in sha Allah!

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We are empowering Muslim Homeschooling families to think outside the box... 

For many of us,

school isn't an option for our children, anymore....

(no matter the reason)

Unislamic Environment?

Many of us are unhappy with the environment that schools provide our children with, especially in today's climate. Begin to nurture your children's eman using the TFB homeschooling approach.

Unhappy with Existing Education?

Education standards are constantly being compromised due to budget or a lack of quality teachers. This is something that massively affects our child's educational development. By spending on quality homeschool tutors, rather than expensive schools, our children could progress faster in sha Allah. Learn how to homeschool to University with the Tawakkul Education.

Too Expensive?

Housing, food, bills and school fees are rising every year.  The TFB courses show you how to homeschool on a budget.

Want a More Personalized Learning Experience

Many schools have classes of 30+ students which means that our child will get minimal attention and will not always feel noticed or valued. Even teachers admit they cannot give each child the attention they deserve. Homeschooling provides  our child with an opportunity to have a TRULY personalised experience. 

Want to Spend More Time With Your Children?

Covid 19 taught us that school may not be teaching our children what we thought they were learning. We found so many gaps in their academic and spiritual knowledge which we could identify and support them with. We want to spend more time to work with our children and to be a more significant part of their lives as they grow so quickly. Time management in homeschooling is a key component of the TFB approach.

Aren't Accepted by Schools?

Many students are rejected by schools for a variety of reasons.  Schools can require lots of certificates, passing of entrance tests, specific English skills, etc. This is an increasing problem globally. Homeschooling is the solution when schools reject our children.

Honoured to have studied at /  worked with:

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College Graduate

As featured in:

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Honoured to have worked with:

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our children Deserve the Best.

Tawakkul Education
Understands Your Needs

How?.... Because we have had

similar fears and frustrations.....

You can trust that we understand.

We are trusted by

thousands of families from more than 20 countries worldwide .

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Sister Rasheedat
(Summer 2022 Participant)

I want my kids to grow up to be pious and obedient Muslims and remain steadfast on deen. Your course gave this a deeper understanding for me, and the link to Islam at every stage made it more insightful for me. The course was well rounded and touched on every possible doubt and issue that might arise in my homeschooling journey. I feel that your course will remain relevant no matter what stage I might be in my homeschooling journey. I always reference gems from your course, when speaking to other homeschooling mothers now as it has made me more confident, knowledgeable and grounded in my decision to homeschool.

Image by Quino Al

Sister Fida 
(Summer 2022 Participant)

If you're lost at the overwhelming amount of information out there on homeschooling, this course will set the basics for you and answer all the why's, what's and if's. What sets this course apart from the others, is the decades of experience and so, we get an insider's view of what it looks like from start to finish. I also loved how it touched many aspects of child psychology, secular education and most importantly, references from the Deen to build the foundation. 
Ms.Muna is also an amazing teacher for young kids, the type of teacher who students would remember for years - my son does :) Her classes are lively and interactive, while adopting techniques that help in retaining what's taught.

 I cannot thank Mrs Muna enough for the wealth of information I gained from the course 
May Allah raise her ranks in both worlds, may He bestow barakah in her family and strengthen her bonds.

Image by nicolas reymond

Sister Fatimah 
Saudi Arabia
(Summer 2022 Participant)

As a mother, I have been feeling lost the past few months and felt disconnected from my family. Despite my efforts, I felt there was something lacking in the way I raised and taught my children. 


It was Alhumdullila that I was led to this course and Allah swt answered my prayers.

I have learned so much from Mrs. Muna as she has been an enlightenment not just about homeschooling, but as well about being a patient, kind, and goal-oriented mother, and showing my children how to build strong character. 


In linking to the Quran and Hadith, Mrs Muna has successfully explained all of the wonderful topics in a simple yet heart-warming manner.


I highly recommend this course to homeschooling parents, as well as any other parent who would like to be reminded of Islamic approaches to teaching and raising children. 


I pray that Allah SWT blesses Mrs. Muna and her family and reward them for their hard work in creating this course work.

How we solve your problems...

Image by RoonZ nl

Sister Hina
(Summer 2022 Participant)

Jazaki Allahu khairan kaserran wa ahsanul jaza wa barak Allahu feeke. Each and every session was very beautiful and alhmdolillah that brought me back on track No doubt all the praise is for Allah Who actually open ways for us and bring us closer to people who help us to move us on way towards Allah, towards jannah, towards His razaI was actually facing this situation these days that one kid is saying this, one is that, one something else and this situation make my mind out of thoughts and at the end I started loosing my patience level and this makes me more upset.Alhamdolillah feeling the spark and motivation again in my self that Allah brought in me after becoming a mother.May Allah keep us all in the right track and give us istiqamat and protect us and our children from all evil and fitnah of end of times. May Allah accept our efforts towards His pleasure.Ameen ya rabul alameen.May Allah protect you and your family for all evil and evil eyes.Ameen

Image by Kaishin | OneLushLife

Sister Hira
(Spring 2022 Participant)

Alhamdolillah the course has been very beneficial and enlightening. I really appreciate how you have taken a broad approach that touches every aspect around Homeschooling and its a really wholesome experience. We can see your knowledge, experience and wisdom shine through in each session and the research and effort you put behind it is remarkable. Alhamdolillah grateful to have someone with so much experience to guide us. Looking forward to always learning from you.

Image by AARN GIRI

Sister Hiba,
(Spring 2022 Participant)

 This course is beyond excellence. The content speaks itself that it has come from thorough research, covering both the secular and islamic approaches. Before the course dug into concrete homeschooling things, it began with the (real) foundation: actually in making self improvements, better relationship of parents with the child, how important it is to know the child and the priority it is to bring peace rather than just taking up the responsibility of educating the child. As we now move into understanding the types and approaches to homeschooling, it seems like a big map of homeschooling is in front of my eyes which brings a complete picture of the homeschooling world. I am so glad how deeply and sincerely you deliver everything sharing with your own personal experiences. At the end of every session, I can't thank Allah enough that I have met people who give and seek righteousness.   

Image by NordWood Themes

 Muslim Parent TFB Homeschool Course


Want to Homeschool but TERRIFIED of ruining your child's future?

OVERWHELMED by the amount of homeschool resources available?

STRESSED out whether you can homeschool your children to university?

Eliminate these Homeschool Fears within 6 weeks!



(Perfect for Homeschool Newbies)

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 One-2-One Personalised Mentoring


Want to Homeschool but have personal needs/ fears no-one else can understand?

Find Warm and Nurturing Support From 


 Our Tawakkul Homeschool Veterans

(Perfect for Homeschool Newbies Who Have Completed the Courses)

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Our Promise To You

We Empower Muslim Families to
Successfully Home-Educate Your Children 
at a Fraction of the Cost of Private School

Join the Tawakkul Family!

thousands of pounds on the cost of private schooling


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