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British English Tuition

By Homeschool Experts...for Everyone!

Bespoke Educational Consultancy

London       Dubai       Antalya

With over twenty years of international experience, Tawakkul Education was established to empower expatriate parents seeking a quality UK based education. 
We have worked with hundreds of families from over twenty countries, providing consultations, mentoring/ coaching and Homeschool Parent courses to show you what is possible.
If you are confused about curricula, schools, accreditation, household management whilst homeschooling or parenting, we can help, in sha Allah.

As a UK registered company,  you can tap into our forty years of combined professional homeschool/ classroom experience with confidence!

Our UK qualified teachers are here to sincerely nurture your children academically and spiritually.


Child Counseling
Tawakkul  Primary

Private Tuition

Our online tuition is flexible in timing and approach.


Using our decades of training in Education and Psychology, we get to know our students' individual needs, strengths and weaknesses, and do our best to nurture both excellence in their academic study as well as supporting their character development. 


We teach Homeschool Students, After-School Children and others.


Minimum age: 4 years old

Tawakkul Primary

Group Tuition

Children love working in groups!

The interactive nature of our online tuitions allow the children to learn from each other, as well as the teacher.

Our group tuitions are popular, due to our fun and interactive approach, with a maximum of 8 students per class.

We teach Reception - Year 6 group classes.

Learning Together
Reading a Book
Tawakkul High

Our High School takes our online students from Year 7 to Year 11 of the UK Curriculum English Language Course.

We prepare our students for the Cambridge Board IGCSE English Language exam.

Private and Group Classes available.


St. Basil's Cathedral

I am very happy with your classes. I heard my daughter actively responding Masha Allah!! Thank you very much!

Umm Khadeejah, Russia

 You are a great teacher. You know how to work with my son. You have been very patient with him and your positive attitude and approach has helped him a lot.  

Umm Hamza, UAE

Pyramids you all thanks and appreciation. You have a wonderful style in dealing with children. My daughter has a passion, and loves to learn English through you.

Sister Sara, Egypt

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Tel: +90 535 869 02 05

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